We at Underwater Works Inc. Ltd will like to inform you of the Public Safety Diver Training and Certification course that is provide by the Institute.

Public Safety Diving is the term used to describe the underwater work conducted by law enforcement , fire rescue and search and rescue/recovery dive teams. Public Safety Dive Teams face some of the most difficult and demanding scenarios of any rescue group. Typically diving in low visibility or even black-out conditions, in contaminated waters, racing to save a life or methodically searching the bottom for evidence.

This is not recreational diving, nor is recreational dive training adequate to answer the demands of these underwater activities. Public safety divers receive specialized training for conducting search patterns, recognizing hazards, conducting risk/benefit analyses, diving in zero visibility, using dry suites that utilise surface supplied air with communication systems, and recovering evidence that is admissible in courts.

 The Public Safety Diver gets a Public Safety Diver Certification, which includes, one (1) Rescue Certificate, one (1) Recovery Certificate and one (1Underwater Crime Investigation certificate.

The prerequisites for this course are:


  1. Open Water SCUBA Certification
  2. Advance Open Water SCUBA Certification
  3. Basic First aid Certification
  4. CPR/AED Certification
  5. Oxygen Administration certification
 All the above certifications are available through the Institute.

Listed below is a table with the cost and duration of each course:



Cost/TT$ per student



Open Water SCUBA




Advance Open Water Scuba

3,200.00 inTrinidad or

 4,500.00 in Tobago

3 Days


First Aid/CPR/AED & O2 Administration

550.00 & 450.00

2 Days


Public Safety Diver


4 Theory Classes, 3 hours each &

Pratical-3 Days


Special pricing is offered for group training.

The training promises to be very intense, educational and practical packed with plenty of team working and knowledge sharing opportunities. Physical skill components MUST be demonstrated before certification cards are issued.


All the above certifications provided by Underwater Works Inc. Ltd are internationally recognized and the Public Safety Dive Certification is through Rescue International.


Call Glenn Cheddie for further information on the above.